Miss Liberty

Happy 4th

Life on the Liberty

Net Mending

As any Commercial Gillnet Fleet knows, learning to mend nets is a tricky, yet mandatory skill to master. But once you get the "hang" of it, it's very rewarding. (**its called hanging a net...get it?) lol

Our Family's Boat

My Family; the Deaton's are commercial salmon fishermen in the Copper River and Prince William Sound of Alaska. Our boat first got it's name on the way here to Alaska, on the Alcan highway in 2014, when my little Brother suggested the name , which stuck pretty well.


Being a commercial fisherman is what gave the inspiration for Miss Liberty, which originally aimed to cloth the commercial fisherwomen of Alaska, but since then Karen has broadened the scope of Miss Liberty to share her beautiful art of Alaska.

The Fam Bam

Our Story

Our family has a pretty crazy story, but here goes. My Parents, Charles and Annette Deaton were both born and raised in Oklahoma, but my dad had spent some time working in Alaska doing all kinds of crazy stuff like commercial fishing, construction, gold mining, and who knows what else!  And so, while dating my mom, (Annette) back in Oklahoma he told her crazy wonderful stories about an AMAZING place called Alaska. So after they were married they spent a few summers and winters in Alaska doing all kinds of work! Once they had me they moved back down to their home state, Oklahoma. Where I (Karen) was raised along with my younger brother and Sister, William and Autumn. Whom I lovingly nicknamed Willard & AB. Well, all throughout growing up I too had heard about all the incredible adventure and opportunities that Alaska had to offer, so for as long as I can remember I knew Alaska was the place for me. And the first opportunity I had to get up there...I WAS GONNA GO!! So finally that day came when I was 16. My family went to Alaska on vacation to see one of my cousins graduate from highschool, and while I was there someone offered me a job!!!! It was at a place called "The Prospector" in Valdez Alaska, which just happened to be a place my mom used to work when she and my dad were there in the 90's. Crazy right?!?! So the following summer I shipped myself off to Alaska to work that summer job...with every intention to come back to Oklahoma at the end of the summer...I promise!!!!...but I sorta fell in love with Alaska. So I called my parents and said, "mom...dad... I WANNA STAY!!" But ....before I go on with the story there's one thing you gotta know about my parents... they are way far out there adventurous!! Like by far the most crazy adventurous people you will EVER meet. Like for realzers, you wouldn't believe half the stories I tell you about them...no joke! But anyways they, being the way they are, said yes, "you can stay"!! That summer I had been living with my dad's brother and his family who live in Valdez, so I wasn't a helpless teenager all alone, mind you. So, Since my parents said yes, I decided I should probably enroll myself in school..right? Well I was going into my senior year (yeah, I know 16 and going into your senior year??...I skipped a grade...or 2, but thats a whole 'nother story) Well, both my cousin, whom I was living with, and I were in our senior year, and let me tell you it was a BLAST. Those two semester were my favorite year in school by far!!! But wait theres more.... back when my parents said "yes you can live in Alaska", they had trick up their crazy adventurous sleeves.... One night a few weeks before graduation I got a phone call (the first of many "crazy phone calls" as I have come to call them) And in this first of many calls they proudly announced they " Bought a boat"!!!!!! What?!?!?!?! I didn't even know that was on their radar!! (Did I mention they were spontanious??) So there began our boat life. And next thing I know they have sold our house in Oklahoma, packed up the other two kids (Willard & AB) and our cat, bought 2 Ford F-350 's , and two 24 ft. trailers, loaded with all our lives worth of stuff, and started the LONG road to Alaska! (I told you this was a crazy story!!!) And yes, they made it to Alaska in time to see me graduate from Valdez High School, YAYYY!! Now, the town we fish out of is not Valdez, it's cordova (aka best place on Earth) But the only thing About Cordova is ...You can't drive there, you can only fly or take a SIX HOURRRRR ferry....I know, crazy! So, we took our two trucks, two trailers, an RV (We had bought to live in Cordova when we got there), my little GEO Tracker(best car in the world) , 5 people, and our cat (Daniel) on the Six hour ferry ride to our new home. (phew.. that was a mouth full) And thus begins our first season of commercial salmon fishing, We have learned so much since our first season in 2014, but man has it been a blast!! But, wait the story isn't over yet, we still have one more family member to introduce......THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!!!! Trenton Perry (cue the heart bubbles) The summer of 2016, my church announced we would be having an intern from Florida come to help with the youth. Whatever, I thought... I'm not youth age, so I'll probably rarely interact with the guy... boy was I wrong! My church has a coffee shop on Saturday night called Homeport, which I was the barista for sometimes. And one Saturday night, in walks the most gorgeous human being I've ever seen... for realzers! And he just happened to plop right down at the table my family was sitting at.... so I hurried and got off my shift and went up to the table, to which my mom abruptly said "here Karen, sit here..." (right next to him!!!!!) So I sat down all casual like whatever.... but inside, let me tell you, I was bouncing OFF THE WALLS!!!! And what do you know about 3 weeks later, we were dating. And skip forward 2 years, WE'RE ENGAGED!!!!!!! I KNOW CRAZY STORY RIGHT!

Pictures you'd only understand if you read the story!

Picture from the first trip to Alaska when Karen was offered the Job at
The Prospector

Karen had a blast that summer in all of Alaska's glory 

Karen had Just arrived back in Alaska for her summer job at the Prospector

snow in may??? I know I couldn't believe it either

After Karen enrolled in school she joined the XC running and XC ski team

Can you tell which one is Karen?? (2nd from the left)

Senior Photo

The whole family made it up in time for our graduation

Checking out the boat we bought for the first time!!!

Liberty is our love!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Deaton's slip at the Harbor

One of our fish that first fishing season

Karen Caught a Big one

Stormy Out There!!

Liberty Docking up

Setting the Net Out

The summer Karen & Trent Met

Trent and Karen are getting Married